What we do

We have been drone operators for several years under our CASA UOC.  In other words we have lots of experience and fly very safely and have had no incidents.  A fact that we are proud of.

If you visited here to find an operator to conduct photography or videography work then you've come to the right place.

Check out this explainer video and our video series to find out more

Oh...and we don't deliver pizzas or sausages!

Our promise to you

You need an operator to perform a task for you and you've seen what they have done , their show reel etc but you have no real way of knowing if they can get the shots you need 

Our guarantee is that we will have a discussion with you before the shoot to make sure your expectation is reasonable and something we can do.  Once we have agreed on a strategy...

If we don't deliver what we promise then you don't pay.  Simple as that.

Safety should be your priority

You will want an operator that has a proven safety track record and is reliable


The good news for you is that being a fully licenced operator for several years now, we have a perfect, nil incident history.  Something that is reassuring for you.


Of course we have insurance, not only to cover our drones but also any third-party liability. Imagine using someone who you know has a drone but not licenced or insured and something happens.  If they have no protection then you could be open to all sorts of claims and litigation.


We conduct a risk assessment and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) for every shoot we attend.  This is a CASA requirement and offers peace of mind to you knowing that we've considered all possible scenarios of the flight to ensure it is conducted safely with a minimum of risk.


You may require copies of risk assessments and proof of insurance (Certificate of Currency) and these are available to you.


Of course you'd like to be able to control everything but the main factor outside everyone's control is the weather.

 The main limiting factor is wind.  

How much?...well around 15-20kts is starting to get annoying, but we can handle it.  Affecting the flight more is wind gusts which can make smooth flight very difficult.  Rain is definitely an issue with electronics but water droplets end up on the camera anyway so it's pointless.  If in doubt, then we put safety first and if this means not flying then we don't.

Why choose Adelaide Drone Services?

Good question. We are under no illusion that you have a choice of operators who will all promise the best service, highest quality...blah blah blah

You are the client

The most important thing for you is knowing that our primary focus is ensuring you have the best experience possible in dealing with us.  We will make sure:

  • you find us easy to deal with,
  • you can communicate easy with us,
  • you receive what you expected and a bit more

What can we control?

Of course we have the best equipment, the experience, the expertise and the passion to deliver but what is most important is that you are more than satisfied as a customer and happy to speak to others about the experience and recommend our service.  This is the best outcome we can all achieve.

Architects & Developers

Drones obviously supply images and video from angles and elevation levels which are impossible to obtain any other way.  Too high for an extended pole or cherry picker and too low for a helicopter.

We are able to accurately position using GPS coordinates or relative positioning from TBM or site markers etc to provide views from potential elevations etc. This provides your clients with actual views from that position.

we can accurately show an actual view from a balcony/window of a building that does not yet exist.

You can have 360 degree shots for use as environment HDRI images etc to accurately use in 3D modelling for perfect reflections etc.

Buildings that are not yet built can be 3D modelled and composited into real images with perfect positioning and correct lighting for marketing purposes, concept presentations etc.

You can have all these services and our high resolution still images and video will ensure brilliant service to your clients and enhance your offering.


You have a parcel of land and trying to sell off the blocks.  This can be a very difficult task without having much to work with.  You can have drone images and video taken and overlay block positions to give potential buyers a much better idea of the offering.  Combined with a video service this can help emotionally engage a buyer with local facilities and attractions.  Move your marketing up a level (literally) with current best practices.

How much does it cost?

As with anything, once we know exactly what service you required and your output expectations then we can give you an accurate quote.

You want a price now

You would like to know exactly how much you are up for right now, isn't that right?  We can only really give you an indication that a basic shoot where we supply about 5 photos and assuming there are no restrictions is $200 plus gst.  This is just enough to cover our operational time, travel time, insurance, risk assessment and data processing.


Of course you need to contact us and we can advise you on everything you need to know, including price.

You get the benefit of our experience

Our chief pilot has nearly 1000 hours of flying experience.  You can rest assured that your flight will be conducted by an experienced professional.


It's all well and good putting drone in the air and hoping to get some good shots. Some people do this with good success because most things look cool from the air! We have decades of photographic and video experience to ensure you get the shots you need every time.  Whether that's the right angle for a photo or the beautiful cinematic video move, we can handle it.

This is where we show off

Sometimes it's about us and what we've done and can do.  Here is a compilation of footage that we have shot

Golf Courses


Each course has it's offering.  Whether that be the longest course in the world, kangaroos on the course or simply a local course that is great to play.  Our skills and experience in filming and marketing will help you to promote everything you  have to offer.

Contact Us for pricing and availability.


Hole flyovers

Each hole is unique of course and our flyovers are able to show the tee area, fairway, approach and green.  Our experience shows this as the best way to film each hole. We can include custom made 3D signage and green and/or fairway overlays.  This is a great way to reward or incentivise a sponsor of each hole.

Yes we are based in Adelaide but we operate all over Australia and Internationally.

Contact Us for pricing and availability.  Wait...for a limited time we are offering a special 33% discount - Click Here


show the experience of playing at your course 

Along with overfly of each hole we also suggest you show what it is like to play at your course.

The emotion, challenges, facilities and uniqueness is simply not shown with aerial flyovers alone..

Here is a snippet of what else might be included.

Third party services (Hire Us)

we can provide drone services to you to expand your client offering

We work with many other companies and provide drone photography and video services to enhance your offering and services to clients.

Offering an hourly rate or day rate for your convenience.

We understand that your clients are yours and we operate extremely professionally when representing your brand.

Some of our partners include:

  • TV Stations  (approved operator for Channel 9 & Channel 7)
  • AME - Fox Sports
  • Professional Photographers
  • Professional Videographers
  • Indie Filmakers

Footage from the shoot(s) can be provided in unedited form directly from the camera on site or as required.

Development Sites

Enhance your marketing strategy

Development opportunities can be difficult for some people to understand.  Typically they are marketed with plans and a maybe a few snapshots of what is currently there (usually nothing).

Our filming techniques provide a much deeper marketing experience both to developers and potential owners.  Our fully licenced drone provides amazing aerial footage and shows block positions, boundaries and the surroundings.

We typically include lifestyle shots of the area and carefully work with you to select relevant voiceover text.   Take a look at a few of the many we have shot and how it can apply to you.

Here are some example videos that we have shot.

Special Projects

If you can think it – we can do it.

We can shoot all sorts of projects in all sorts of environments. Promotional event videos, personal packages, special clubs days, sporting events..... there is no limit to what we can produce for you.

Graphic design, 3D renderings and pretty much anything you can think of can be incorporated into your video.

This entire project from filming, drone flying, editing and graphics was all done by Adelaide Drone Services.

We shot this video to help this 11 year old boy, Jordan, achieve his dream of competing in the National Titles later in the year.  As a direct result of this video and promotion on YouTube and Facebook he received calls from sponsors who provided cash, products and services and most importantly he was able to realise this dream and compete.

Here are some other example videos that we have shot.

see our profile on photographers.com.au